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January 21, 2010
By kelseygood11 BRONZE, Rochester, Massachusetts
kelseygood11 BRONZE, Rochester, Massachusetts
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Taking a chance
Learning how to dance
Putting up a fight
For what you think is right

Learning to let go
Showing others what you know
Being able to cry
Saying goodbye

Telling the truth
Holding on to your youth
Never giving up on the ones who mean the most
Ignoring those who brag and boast

Falling in and out of love
Believing in God and Heaven above
Holding on for to long and then letting go
Learning how to let your feelings show

You got to try and never give up
Doing your best is never always enough
Shoot for the stars and make it to the moon
Rock to the beat on your own tune

You never know when this life will end
Spend all your time with family and friends
Do everything you want to do
To your heart, and mind and self be true

Regretting takes to much time
So let it go, live your life on the line
Hope and wish and pray a lot
Take a chance if you’re put on the spot

Life is a road of twists and turns
Your only mistake is if you don’t learn
Everyone has their own style
So live your life and don’t forget to smile.

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