about someone from the past

January 21, 2010
By , London, United Kingdom
There was a long time I couldn’t cry
I didn’t really want to think about why
Days went by and I stayed the same
Never crying, never showing my pain
I couldn’t smile like before
My heart was so wrecked my body felt soar
I couldn’t take it anymore
I shut the memories away
Praying that there wouldn’t be a way
For the memories to ever come back
For me to worry about what Iack
I hardly even remember now
What happened or how
I kinda hope there is a chance
That I can in the mirror take a glance
And think about the me today
Actually was rather okay
That all that happened until this day
Was hard and painful, be that as it may
But it’s no use living with my head in the past
Cause that way the present won’t last
I want to look forward, not look away
For future happiness I humbly pray
If there is a god out there somewhere
I hope he finally would start to care
About me and cut me some slack
And then I could hopefully smile back
When I think about it all
It all seems so far away, something so small
I cry and cry until I can cry no more
I cry till my body is completely soar
And then once more I smile
Thinking that today is somewhat worth while

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