Talk, Reap, Sow

January 21, 2010
By DePseu BRONZE, Red Lion, Pennsylvania
DePseu BRONZE, Red Lion, Pennsylvania
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Under the shade of cool reality,
Where there was some talk of you and me,
I could not bring in myself to see,
The disadvantages of honesty.

I had thought should I speak so openly,
Of my feelings showing hopefully,
Upon your face I could find to be,
A smile there of the greatest ecstasy.

But when I looked upon your face to show,
The expression I had wanted, though,
Your warm eyes were cold as ice, as snow,
The coldest look I could yet hope to know.

And in a heated voice more friend than foe,
With the harshest words you could bestow,
I heard you speak with anger, sorrow,
I heard that you had loved me long ago.

And if I could have really loved you so,
I would have told you as well, also,
So funny that I should just now go,
And say it when feelings long since flow.

I had never thought that I could owe,
To you to be cold, be bitter, low,
And there you left me -- in silence, woe,
To see that I would reap what I did sow.

Under the shade of late honesty,
There could be no talk of you, of me,
You did not have the ability,
To be willing for an apology.

The author's comments:
This piece was inspired by a situation I found myself in with a person I cared about. We both were really into writing poetry. He began writing poetry about me, and love, but though I had felt that for him at one point, I no longer did. To understand his situation, which I thought must be quite terrible, I wrote this poem in his point of view.

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