For Nick

January 20, 2010
By Anonymous

Sadness comes with every life
And tears of sadness too.
When you are at your breaking point,
I’ll still be here for you.
When sadness knocks upon your door
and tears begin to fall
You have someone who’s here for you.
On me dear friend please call.
I do not care the time of day
Or what season it may be.
When you are sad my dearest friend
You can always cry to me.
No matter where our paths may lead
If directions separate ways
I am someone who cares for you.
A friend I’ll always stay.
Just know my love is with you now,
With you it will reside.
Through each and every day you face
I’m standing by your side.
It’s not just me who’s here for you.
You’ve never been alone.
But if I had one wish to ask.
Don’t leave your pain unknown.
Please let us stay here by your side.
Our help you will need now.
And with us here I dearly hope
You’ll make it through somehow.
So let the tears that fall from eyes
Continue flowing still.
For with your friends all standing here
Wipe your tears we will.

The author's comments:
This is for my boyfriend who just lost his grandfather.

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