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sorrow can't last through the night, when I wake to you.

January 20, 2010
By AmereMortal GOLD, Russellville, Alabama
AmereMortal GOLD, Russellville, Alabama
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Sorrow can't last through the night
when I wake to you,sorrows no more
lingers in the shadows of my mind,
when I feel the love radiating off
your skin, the soft near silence of
the beating of your heart ringing in my ears, say's something to my
heart,my mind can't find the sorro-ws anymore,your radience of uncon-
scious sleep awakens my heart,
making wonders in my new day,
your body lying prostrate there next to me, your hair strewn about
your chest, your soft breath blowing in my face, your hand across my chest,your beautiful,
beautiful made beautiful by the
father of heaven,sent down as a gift to cherish and love, your
beautiful just lying there next to
me, the sorrows are gone, when I
wake to you.

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