Grandma's Time

January 20, 2010
By , Camden, MS
I sit here beside you, Grandma
On death’s bedside you lay.
I set my head upon your wrist
As I bow my head to pray,
The world to me shut off
The silence here is thin
Alone just me and you,
And your watch ticks.
I block out all my pain
And suffering I’m sure to feel.
I concentrate now deeply
On the tick of your watch.
Reveals I sit here now for months
And hear the rhythmic sound.
I feel you being gone
The thought now seems profound.
The time for you is close
To enter Heaven’s Gate
I’ll stay here by your side
Until your journey is complete.
Its months now since you’ve passed
My wounds are healing slowly,
I want so much to hear your voice again,
To see your beautiful smile,
I lay my head upon my wrist
When my feelings are too strong to handle,
I hear your watch’s tick
And know you’re never gone.

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