A Beautiful Mind

January 27, 2010
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There is nothing but time
Time and the bars of this cell
Now please head my words my friend
For I have a story to tell

I was once free
And I adored many things
I was in love
In love with my world
And I was in love
With but one girl

My stride was in step with hers
We lived as one in the same

I followed her from afar
To watch her glide and hover
By means of her beauty;
I was enraptured by her glory.
-Ere a face so glorious than hers.
Caused thine eyes to weep,
And babes to stir.

Oh how I loved thee,
My sweet, sweet Colette,
How I adored every inch of her.
From thy magnificent heart,
To her heads lovely auburn crest.

Never a word,
Between myself and my love.
Perhaps too timid or shy,
Or fear of unreturned love.

Madness I say!
Madness you cannot understand.
Her beauty so divine,
So bold,
So utterly immaculate,
The silhouette of her chin and cheek
Would forever rest in my head.

I knew her daily routes,
For which I followed from afar.
I knew where she lived,
And ate,
And worked,
And slept,
For my life was slowly,
Becoming hers.

My heart beat for her,
And with her it always shall.
For my heart beat in time with hers,
And it always shall.

My eyes would never meet hers,
Though her docile glance would soon be mine,
And it would be mine,
Never shall we part,
And she will learn my feelings,
In due time,
Of course.

I followed her along the route,
Which I knew lovingly by heart,
Oh my dear,
Sweet Colette,
It is time that we hast met.

For you are my creation
And I,
A soul the black man givith,
But feelings by god will soar.

I tailed her to her abode,
Where I laid silent and still,
Amongst the bushes and brush laid silent,
Waiting for my love to fall silent as well.
For her chamber was still lit,
And the fire showed no signs of dying.

Alas! The chamber had grown gray.
I could now be with my love.
Oh Colette,
I’m on my way!

With her door latched tight,
I inserted my blade between copper and wood,
And with one swift glide and break,
I gained entrance to her chalet.

I crept on,
Wishing not to wake my babe.
One board of oak that felt my presence,
Would be the end of my parade.

So I hovered gently,
Right into her quarter,
And then I was there.
My harbor and my heaven.
Behind the door before me lay my darling,
The parson whom I have prayed for,
The smitter of the smitten.

Into the room I went,
Not a single light,
It was dark,
So dark,
So very,
Very dark.
But I can still sense her.
Laying still,
In her bed,
I can see her heart,
For every beat glows red.

With my beloved lying in my grasp
I began to whisper into her ear.
Oh so softly,
I explained why I was there.

With my hand gently upon her heart
In hopes of calming her fears,
These are the words that I murmured.
“Good evening my dear, my name need not be said,
I promise to prove my love to you,
So I shall be having your heart,
And your precious head.”

Colette, her beautiful eyes watered
And she began to moan.
Sill weary and perplexed
About how this stranger entered her home.

Now awake and concincious
It was her turn to speak.
Her words will forever haunt me
And circle as a shrill shriek.
She said “Why must you do this?
Why must you fill me with dread?
If you feel for this I will love you,
Then I feel you have been misled.”

My response was frank,
For my decision was made,
I wanted her face for all time,
To glorify all of my days.

“Your beauty,
Your body,
You shall be buried in my red rose bed.”

Our tears were large,
And for an instant,
My heart was happy.
The blood of my dear Colette on my hands,
Made me feel complete,
As if Colette and I were one,
One in the same,
With one soul,
And one heart.

Then it was over,
My prize had been won,
Her beauty mine to cherish,
Only mine,
And it shall be mine,
Forever and always,
Never to be altered.

With time,
Her beauty was lost.
Her once ethereal skin,
Now white and pale.
And her hair once angelic,
Had turned gray and stale.

“Where have you gone my child?”
I would weep into the night.
“Hast thou forgotten what I’ve done for thee?
And the burden I carry?”

I needed to be reunited with my love,
For my love had left me.
So the solution seemed quite simple,
To be with her,
I and she.

To the garden I went,
Head in hand,
Determined to find my love
To be with her again.
To reunite heart and head.
And when I found her,
I waited.
Waited for death to bring me to her.
I waited…
To no avail.
Before being brought to her,
I was discovered,
Discovered with my loves dismembered head,
And a heart full not of love,
But of remorse.

I was punished with my life,
To be living,
And dead in a way,
I had to wait for my love,
For my time was strained.

I loved her,
But no one could understand.
Now perhaps my story can be told,
With a sensitive heart,
And a clear head.

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Powd3er said...
Jan. 29, 2010 at 11:14 am
This poem has great flow and insight.
I really enjoyed it.
Lovely poem darling =]
-Please check out the works that I have posted on here it would be highly appreciated and I think you would greatly enjoy them, Thankk youz-
XxIll tell you Im an orphan after you meet my familyXx
SmileinyourSleep replied...
Feb. 1, 2010 at 3:39 pm
I loved it. It was strong emotional yet dark in the same sense. your a great poet and btw i love your taste in music (; keep up the good work.
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