Disdain And Devotion

January 23, 2010
I wish you away while wishing you near,
our love is my dream, but resembles my fear
an enchanting romance, my heart bleeds red
with every kiss, every touch, every word that is said

I stand in combat for desires selfish
the agony unbearable, my pleas rejected
I cant conform to a rapture so intolerable
I cant abandon a repugnance so acceptable

your soul is a sea of fire and rage
your passion for me is doused with waves
my heart is adrift in an ocean of uncertainty
without direction. with plenty worry.

but through the adversity, one thing remains
I'll stand by your side forever, through all the pain
I'll endure this battle, our efforts combined
I will prevail, our hearts entwined

frustrated thoughts wont desist, my heart beats hurried
my passion lingers, palms of worry.............

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