Blue eye in visionary

January 22, 2010
Pecola Breedlove will you turn around; I want to see you pretty blue eyes?
I have no blue eyes, just these ugly eyes.
No, no I see blue eyes. They shine brighter then a breath takin’ sky.
What are you talkin’ about girl? I have no blue eyes, so leave me to die.
No need for dying on a day like this. Please, stop praying for your disappearance.
My teeth are good, my soul is proper, so let me be a dandelion.
You aren’t no dandelion.
Yes I am, such a weed.
The dandelion is the opposite of you girl.
Dandelions are pretty outside and ugly on the inside.
If only I could let the pretty on the inside sink out.
I want pretty blue eyes to change my life, white skin that can reflect dark shads, long hair that flows over my back, will never be a Mary Jane.
Your ears fold forward, your eyes are too close, and you have a narrow forehead.
Yes, I’ve know that my whole life.
You’re not ugly, you’re unknown. The features you have will not be in style for a while.
Like an exotic trend, you’re ugly and unknown, give it time, you’ll be beautiful, you are beautiful.
I’ll grow old and die with ugly. We are holding hands, and everyone is laughin’ at me.
Pecola Breedlove you were never ugly, your blue eyes tell me so.
Stop it with the blue eyes!
Look in a mirror for once! Then, you will see.
I wish I had blue eyes, I need a new home, I want white skin, and maybe my parents wont fight, it’s a struggle.
Sweetie, you do have them. You’re a sweet new soul and if people can’t see your blue eyes then, they’re ugly.

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