January 16, 2010
Concrete over flower’s paths
City blocks once prairie grass
Cars and buses rush by fast
And there’s nothing you can do.

Bright blue sky is barely seen
Water has an oily sheen
‘Round the block a new crime scene
What has the world come to?

Follow me to Wonderland
A Neverland
With sea and sand
Come away to Faeryland
Where there’s sun of golden hue.

Feel black dirt beneath your feet
No more busy, pounding streets
Friendly smiles are all you meet
Come join the faery brood!

But… Eden cannot always last
You may begin to yearn the past
For trains and buses much too fast
The land of human kind.

And though here the stars still shine so bright
Your eyes shine yet with traffic lights
Where day is equaled by the night
Where you fly off to in your mind.

So if at last you do go back,
Wake the magic of the past
Bloom flowers in the concrete cracks
Plant gardens over railway tracks
And the people running, flying past
They will stumble that run fast.

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