January 20, 2010
Everybody has their own personal name
But names are good and bad.
Names get you known.
So which name do you really want.
Which name, which name!
You try to blow off the bad ones
You try to tell them the truth and what really happened
More than half the time they acctually believe you
Then there's the good/great ones.
The ones that get you where you are.
The ones that lets people know the greatest side of you.
But you're the one that lets the names be heard
So does that mean you're the one who makes the worst names get out,
Or, be made up!
Yes! and Well, No!
You try to run away. But it never works
Don't run! Don't run!
Stay! and Fight!
Never give up!
they are just jealous
Cause you got it all togethereand they don't
Let it go! They don't matter any more.

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