Colonial Poem

January 20, 2010
By Anonymous

The hammer was cocked and ready to go
The little lead ball inside
Was he to fire at the colonists, oh no!
But at the redcoats on the other side

As the redcoats charged he closed one eye
Taking his aim, precise and true
With bayonets out, they charged the line
Where the soldier lay without a clue

He pulled the trigger, the redcoat fell
Already reloading his gun
High in a tower where nobody could tell
He was hardly having fun

A soldier crawled through the grass
A redcoat had him in sight
The sniper took aim knowing it could be his last
The lead ball hit with all of its might

The general dropped to the blood soaked ground
With a bullet in his head
The sniper was satisfied all round
The great general was now dead

The redcoats retreated into the woods
The colonists cheered and exclaimed
Soon the redcoats would be gone for good
The colonists would be remembered with fame

The author's comments:
I realized that nobody I know has ever written a poem about a war, so I thought it would be a cool original idea.

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