That star of mine

January 20, 2010
By Semira Adam BRONZE, Stonemountain, Georgia
Semira Adam BRONZE, Stonemountain, Georgia
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That Star of mine

Far above the cloud,
There are a million of stars,
So many,
That you can’t even count,
More than one,
And more than two,
It seems so untrue,
It shines so bright ,
Brighter than any light,
From sunset to sundown,
It will never fade away.
Everyone has a star,
That star is like a million of wishes,
Want to use them,
But scared to lose them all,
It makes you feel like you have won,
With no doubt to lose,
However, that star from the right,
Is my star,
Only mine,
Its an everlasting star,
It’s a unique star,
With an imposing shape,
I look at it everyday,
Seeing if my star have move at all,
It still at the same place were it is right now.
That star of mine
Is my fairy,
Looking down on me,
Feeling so proud,
It is up there
And I’m down here,
I could always reach my star,
My star is hard to find,
But I know, when I’m near it,
It can’t be found in any planet,
But it could always be found in my heart,
That star of mine
Is that special.

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