Running out of Frustration

January 19, 2010
By Keelin2010 SILVER, Mt. Shasta, California
Keelin2010 SILVER, Mt. Shasta, California
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I run because of the pain
I run because of the anger
I run because of the frustration
It’s just me and the trail
No one there to judge me
My tears are free to fall where they please
My sobs can ring out as loud as they want
But still I keep on running
I run away from the world
From all of the pain he caused me
I run through it all
Hoping to forget everything
I run till I can’t run anymore
Then I think about him not rusting me
And in a frustrated rush I’m off again
Dashing up the hill
Dodging puddles and splashing through mud
Running away from my thoughts
Until I’m too tired to think them
Then I run back to the world
I’m no longer in danger of exploding
Too exhausted to think about anything
I just go home and sleep
And forget about everything
Until tomorrow when I will run again…

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