Albino Rose Petals

January 19, 2010
By mc.<3 BRONZE, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
mc.<3 BRONZE, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
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Albino Rose Petals slipping to the ground,
A vase full of water no where to be found.
Will we let The Precious die
And The Insignificant live on,
Or has the pain for The Beautiful just really begun?
As the The Ugly shadow Those of Eden,
As Death treads close behind,
When they pry our trophies from our lifeless fingers,
As The Important again stand blind.
Why must we go if we bring the world Sunshine?
But strike up another Disaster,
The Gorgeous always decline.
So Rose, Cry no more, I know giving up was hard for you to do,
So straighten your stem, Just for them,
The Real Heroes have come to save you...

The author's comments:
The message behind this poem maybe hard to understand at first but the subject is discrimination or someone being different and being the outcast. It is to redefine beauty. We all love red roses and pink roses, but say that same rose, for that same occasion was white- or albino. Would we look at it differently because it is different. We shouldn't, but we would. But of course my poem isn't necessarily about roses, it is about people, and just who the real "heroes" and "beautiful" people are and redefining that image.

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