One Hundred Percent

January 19, 2010
By angelleanna GOLD, San Antonio, Florida
angelleanna GOLD, San Antonio, Florida
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Favorite Quote:
No regrets, just lessons learned.

She has thoughts and feelings one cannot comprehend.
The pain she cannot bear, and her problems she cannot mend.
She presses her lips to the bottle once again,
As if the sweet taste of alcohol flowing down the back of her throat can bring an end
To her problems. However, that’s when more problems begin.
Every sip brings her closer and closer to the ecstasy she remembers.
This time, though, it’s not enough.
She sits there looking at the embers
Slowly falling to the ground from her finger tips.
She then brings it up to her lips,
Then takes another hit.
That’s when the euphoria’s start to mix
And she has accomplished one hundred percent pure bliss.

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