Five Years Later

January 19, 2010
By ryanisfluffy BRONZE, North Tonawanda, New York
ryanisfluffy BRONZE, North Tonawanda, New York
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Favorite Quote:
And in that moment, I swear we were infinite.

It was a rainy morning day
Too cold to go outside
The boy watched the cars go by
He played with his Lego’s
He watched the cars some more.
And on a double-take noticed the truck next door
A mom, a dad, and a girl
His nose wrinkled in quiet disgust.
Another girl in the neighborhood?
With her silly blonde hair
And her silly blue eyes.
And her silly smile as she introduced herself as Victoria
And my own silly reply of “do you have cooties?”
Five years later, her blonde hair wasn’t silly, it was beautiful
And her eyes weren’t silly, they were beautiful
And her smile was still silly, but it was beautiful
And my heart broke when she started going out with John.
And she didn’t know at all.
I sat by
Brooding for 6 months of torture and hell
And John this
And John that.
Vicky knew I was sad
She accredited that to my parents’ divorce
I didn’t care what they did.
I was just happy they didn’t have the chance to fight anymore.
And the day her heart broke mine was mended
And broken again to see her so sad.
And then my knuckles were broken
And John’s nose was broken
And his relationship with the girl he cheated with was a lie.
Five years later, I tell Victoria I’ve always loved her
And she smiles at me
Her silly smile
And says “I know.”
And we keep walking down the road
As if nothing had transpired.
We’re both in college by this point
The same college
The college of her choice was the college of my choice
I couldn’t imagine a day without that silly beautiful smile.
That night was a party
And Vicky drank too much
And threw up all over herself.
I carried her home
Gagging myself,
And asked her roommate to bathe her and put her to bed.
Walking home,
Smelling of puke
I began to cry, and laugh at the same time
The first romantic moment I have with this girl
And she doesn’t know it, and reeks of vomit.
Five years later
We talk about the night of that party
And how the next morning she asked me to be hers
And I promised forever and always.
And how three years ago she told me she loved me
And I said “I know” and smiled a silly smile
And then found out that I had cancer
But smiled none-the-less
Because she loved me
And what’s cancer have on that?
We remembered when she cried
When I told her about the cancer
And she looked at me when I laughed
and told her that our love would conquer all.
And she told me I was an idiot
And began to laugh as well.
And after reminiscing
We both go to work
And I pretend to input data
Because Tetris is much more fun.
Five years from now it’s our tenth anniversary
And although you never wanted to marry
I decide to ask you anyway.
You look at me
And say that I’m an idiot
And then say yes
And begin to tear up.
And I tell you that I love you
You say “I know” and smile.
Five years later
You’re with me in my hospital room
As I’m laying in bed fighting
That cancer
And I ask you
Why our love hadn’t sent in the reinforcements yet
And you say that I’m an idiot
And begin to cry
Telling me that you’re scared.
And I call you a sissy.
And begin to laugh.
And you begin to laugh and cry at the same time
And smile at me
A beautiful, teary, silly smile.
And you tell me that you love me
I say “I know” and wink
Five years later
The cancer is gone
And we have a beautiful little girl
With beautiful blonde hair
And beautiful blue eyes
And silly smiles.
And she wrinkles her nose in quiet disgust
As a moving truck pulls up next door
And a little boy gets out.

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Steven Segal said...
on Feb. 7 2010 at 12:59 am
Freakin amazing!


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