The False Romance

January 19, 2010
By , Arusha, Tanzania, United Republic of
You and I,
We'll feign romance
Your eyes, my eyes,
Stuck in a trance.

Time and space will have to part,
Just for us to share an imaginary heart.
We'll lay back and let time tell
The stories it's been working by its sick little spell.

But your gray eyes twinkle in her direction,
My dull eyes sparkling with faux affection
For you as I write our names in the sand,
And you reach out for another girls hand.

The heart we once shared is now torn and battered,
The love we once had - completely battered.
You don't even turn back for one last glance,
And so it ends, our false romance.

I'll forget your smile, forget your face.
I'll forget the feel of your once warm embrace.
I'll forget the memories - both good and bad.
I'll forget the feelings that we once had.

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