Why Do You Stay

January 5, 2010
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“Why do you, how do you love me?”
“You are the place where I want to be.”
“That is foolish, it’s nonsense.”
“Well I am happy in your presence.”
“And how might you say, can that be true?”
“I honestly do want to be with you.”
“But why do you care?”
“It’s a bond that we share.
I can’t really explain,
Sometimes causes pain,
but I find you’re worth it,
it’s only a bit.”
“Why not find better?”
“I don’t think I could get ‘er.”
“I bet you could, why try with me?”
“She doesn’t exist, you’re all I see.”
“Sweet, but how do you know that this would work out?”
“Well, I don’t, but how can I ever if I always doubt?”
“I want to, but I’m so afraid.”
“Well, thank you for the attention you’ve paid.”
“Wait, please don’t leave, we should talk more,
I don’t see how you’ve picked my face to adore.”
“It is so fair, so soft and so bright,
It’s hard to look away with you in the light.”
“I still don’t get why you stare.”
“It’s your eyes, such beauty, what a pair.”
“Oh come on, you’re making me blush.”
“I’m sorry, however, there’s no need to rush.”
“I will answer in due time, thank you.”
“But I don’t see why not right now, do you?”
“I see your point, but why and how?”
“Use your emotion, tell me now.
It hurts for me to anticipate,
It hurts to make my heart wait.”
“I’m so afraid to answer. How- why must you leave?!”
“I can’t control it. This scares me more than you’d believe!”
“I love you so much! I need you here!”
“But I’ve always told you, I’m always near.”
“I’m sorry, I know, I’m not mad.”
“It’s not that, I just don’t need you sad.”
“Do you hate me for the things I’ve said?”
“Never, you constantly run through my head.”
“I’m sorry, I think…”
“Please don’t hesitate, my heart will sink.”
“My love, please, I want to stay,”
“But I’ll see you less, is that okay?”
“Yes, now hold me please, hold me tight.
Do what I say, and remember me right.”
“Alright my love, you have my ear.”
“Come closer, bring your face near.”
“I am, I am listening. What is it to be?”
“I love you, my baby. Now come here. Kiss me.”

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