The Star Sits Alone

January 4, 2010
By Anonymous

The Star Sits Alone

There lies a star,
High up in the sky.
It’s not twinkling.
We wonder why.

As night passes on,
The star sits alone,
And it sings to us all,
In it’s sad, sad tone.

“Someone, just anyone,
Make me shine bright.
Let me let darkness
Turn into light.”

I’m surrounded by these stars.
They sure know how to shine.
I’m the abnormal one.
This must be a sign.

Will I ever twinkle?
Will I be a shooting star?
Will I be the one you notice
Not near, but from afar?

Can I be the one
That, under you kiss?
Can I be the one you talk to
When you’re mind’s an abyss?

When day turns to night,
And you look to the sky,
Maybe you’ll see me.
Maybe you’ll try.

I am a star.
With brightness, I’ll shine.
Have faith in my confidence.
And then, I’ll be fine.

Here lies me,
A star in the night.
Keep an eye on me.
Someday I’ll be bright.
Someday I’ll twinkle,
And you’ll smile and see
That I fought and I fought,
To be what I could be.

Someday I’ll sing.
In a beautiful tone.
Just gaze up above.
And I won’t be alone.

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