Virginia Girls MAG

By Samantha C., Charlottesville, VA

We are two women-children
Challenging Southern summers by dreaming away on
The ancientfront porch swing, which creaks
While we imagine travels ...
To Calcutta,
Chapal and salwar-clad
Eating samosas and curry, and
Smelling of sandalwood.
To NewYork,
Where everything you’ve ever felt
Is magnified
To Paris,
In the height of fashion,
À la mode,
Speaking beautiful tongues
To beautifulpeople.
But we are Virginia Girls
Donning sweet lips
And soft hands
Posing for apicture
With your anxious mother
Combing my hair
Ruining natural perfection.
Wesmile brightly
Saying, “Peaches!”
On the creaking front porch swing
Wherewe really belong.

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