Summer MAG

By Unknown, Unknown, Unknown


The long, sticky days hazed with quiet daydreaming

Move quicker than we think

June becomes July becomes August

The peaceful rest is over

The summer job where new skills and friends were found

The lounging by the glassy water of the pool or the rich liquid of the ocean

The warm, penetrating sun that beats upon our faces and backs

The ice cream melting the second it hits our eager tongues

The occasional soft breezes that whisper in our ears and whistle through our hair

The odd happiness that is hidden in our hearts but always there

It all swiftly ends, jerking us back to reality

Reminding us of cold, winter days and heavy coats and slushy streets

Of school with its exams and pressures

Somehow, it is all bearable,the chill, the ice, the sludge

With the memories of summers past in our minds,

And the hope of summers to come in our hearts.

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