First time

January 14, 2010
By chelsea Arnold BRONZE, FAIRLFIELD, Ohio
chelsea Arnold BRONZE, FAIRLFIELD, Ohio
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It’s the way you make me feel.
That makes me take off my clothes.
The way you fill up,
It’s almost like your about to burst.
I climb in,
Your warmth against mine.
You make me tingle.
You make me feel hot,
Steam starts to rise off my body.
Your scent washes up in my nose,
And our time begins.
I like the way you feel.
You’re so soft and light.
I’ve never felt so alive!
You make me sink down,
And my eyes start to close.
The way you touch my skin,
You send goose bumps up my spine.
The way you move up and down,
This is something I’ve never felt.
You make me wet,
You make me feel younger.
Everything starts to move.
I like being alone with you,
It’s more personal.
You opened me up and relieved all my stress.
I control everything;
Your body,
Your movement,
How long,
And how fast.
I love you more then any other person could.
Bubble bath, you are my best friend.

The author's comments:
Its a tricky poem.

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