love is not a standard.

January 17, 2010
By , girard, IL
Your're out of my life, Your'e gone for good.

Maybe its for the best, or just put to rest.

You were everything to me and made things easier.

When you were around, life was not so complicated.

You had an anser to anything and everything.

The days went fast and nights flew by.

But our love obviously wasnt justified.

I thought you were my other half,

never thought it would turn into a laugh.

I never believed in love until i met you.

You showed me right from wrong

and even though it took so long, you

taught me how to never give up.

I loved you with all my heart,

But never had the chance to say it.

You had me from hello,

But lost me at goodbye.

It was a short time we knew eachother,

But let me explain my heart you gained within that line.

You never knew it, although i thought it was obvious,

You were everything to me, without you i am nothing.

I have no confidence or power fore you took it all when you left that hour.

Like i said, i thought we were great, but now its to late for you already left and didnt give me the chance to explain.

Its driving me insane knowing your still out there,

God must have had a reason to bear us apart.

Maybe your not the one for me,

I though what we had was destiny.

But please, next time, dont let it rest,

Just give me a chance to explain the excess.

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