how much i love you.

January 17, 2010

when i say i love you a little - i mean i love you so much i can't even put it into words. everything you do makes my knees go weak - my hands shake - my heart race - and i get the craziest butterflies. when i say i love you i mean it, because you're an amazing person whos been there for me since day one even when we barely knew eachother, i barely knew you on my birthday but you still came, and
got me an amazing present - and i'll never forget the smile that put on my face, when i say i love you, i'll never take it back, or take it forgranted, because you mean too much to me. i still don't understand why guys aren't lined up from here to africa for you because you're an amazing person, i don't understand how they don't see it. when i say i love you, i mean it in a way that i'll never be
able to put into simple terms, because the word love is too complex. and your name beside that word - is a combination that will never be seperated.
the end <3

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