Undeniable Bond

January 17, 2010
By Anonymous

When daddy came home that night
We were sitting on the bed,
All we heard was yelling
Unable to grasp what was said.

Our house was in an uproar
They hit, pushed, and shoved,
You didn’t need to see that
Not from the people you loved.

I promised you right then
I would never leave your side,
I wrapped my arms around you
While I sat there and cried.

Growing up you’ve been my best friend
We talk, we laugh, we fight,
You make me a better person
Being without you wouldn’t be right.

Leaving for college is a thing in its own
But you add to the fear,
I can’t bring myself to accept
For the first time you won’t be near.

We’ve been to hell and back
But we did it as a team,
Coming home to an empty dorm
Would be like a pillow without seams.

I’m not saying I won’t go away
But I’d be leaving you with my heart,
It’s really not that far from home
But we’ve never really been apart.

We have this unique bond
That no one could ever break,
I’m just afraid that if I was gone
It would put that at stake.

You’re not just my brother
You’re also my best friend,
No matter what happens now
Our bond will never end.

The author's comments:
My brother inspires me to do everything in life. he's my bestfriend.

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