Throw it All Away

January 17, 2010
By brianne02 BRONZE, Louisville, Kentucky
brianne02 BRONZE, Louisville, Kentucky
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I dreamt of you last night
When I woke you weren’t there,
I’ve been so used to your presence
I felt eternally bare.

Even though it’s been a couple years
A part of you remains,
You are always able to pull me back
I’m locked up in your chains.

My friends are tired of the tears
They remind me you’ll never change,
I just can’t comprehend that fact
A world without you would be strange.

Over the years you’ve broken my heart
Time and time again,
However a part of it’s still yours
You’re like a repeated sin.

I’ve built up a wall inside
Only you can knock it down,
Yet when I think I’m strong enough
You come back around.

You tell me that you need me
But you’re gone when I need you,
One day you say you love me
The next day you love her too.

I’m down to my last picture of you
You look happy and in love,
Now that smile is fading fast
You’re not the guy I dreamed of.

I don’t think you understand
To me you’ve always been the one,
Now that you’ve found another
I’m forced to accept that we’re done.

I know now that I’m not what you want
I’m just going to set you free,
But one of these days you’re going to wake up
On that day you’ll be missing me.

Tonight before I go to sleep
I’ll throw your picture away,
Hopefully I won’t dream of you
But in my heart you’ll forever stay

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