Waiting to be-(the eclipse)

January 17, 2010
By Anonymous

Everything was perfect,in and out
under the shinning sun,
and radiant moon.

the eclipse.

The eclipse,
became our everlasting nightmare.
Our love had vanished in thin air.
The distance grew;
unbelievebly fast.
New things came down our path.
I sneak out,
in the middle of the darkest hours,
and float away to our darkest hours.
The place we first met,
The place we first kissed,
The place we call 'ours';-
has now become an unexplainable memory.
Istill go there,
pretending im going to meet him,
pretending all shall be good.
we both know,
what is now,
is to last for the rest of our lives.
Icontinue to have hope.
that we shall be as we were,
before the burden,-
before the eclipse.
There i stand,
and wait,
for the moon to mov,
so that we shall be,
once again.

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