The Sun.

January 17, 2010
If the Clouds were as high as me,
The Birds would laugh at The Sun, who tried to follow.
The Moon sat back and watched The Sun with lazy bright eyes.

The Clouds rained with pity for The Sun.
The Sun then was with The Clouds.
Out in space, The Sun watched The Clouds play with The Comets.

The Sun was not as happy with The Clouds as he thought.
But The Sun stayed and watched.

The Moon opened his eye wider.
The Moon rose up high, like me, up to The Clouds.

With The Stars in The Moon's hands.
With space to The Moon's back.
The Moon threw The Stars into the air.

The Sun saw The Stars.
The Stars shimered with smiles.
With envy of their happiness, The Sun went over to The Moon.

The Moon told The Sun to play.
The Moon had then and only then ever grined with pleasure,
When The Sun felt true happiness

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