A Closing Door

January 17, 2010
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Straight ahead i stare at my closing door. It is as though i feel trapped, unable to move foward. So many things going on. So many thoughts in my head. But yet, i feel a sudden urge to unleash myself. But how? I wonder.Straight ahead i stare at my clsing door. I think about the oppertunities, chances, freedom, and power. Al in which i can have in just one step. Wanting to go to another level, wanted to suceed, wanting to be better, feel better, and act better. Wanting to do more and value what i have. Breath in. Breath out. Think. Then stop. Straight ahead i stare. But there is no closed door. Just a opening. I am free, full of power, full of accomplishment, ready to explore and create. No longer will i satre at a closed door, just an opening. A oppertunity to move on and live my life i've had, but never took advantage of this whole time. Straight ahead i stare at my journey.

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