Snow Day

January 17, 2010
By Anonymous

Snow spiraling down from the sky
Unique, dainty shapes
Patterned like lace

Children screaming, laughing with joy
Having snowball fights, erecting snowmen statues
Figures that are a tribute
to this pristine, milky white

Children and adults frolicking under
the tumbling blanket of snow
Enjoying the freedom from work and school
Staying out for hours

Much later
Body is shivering,
It’s numb and cold

Your mind is swirling with thoughts of blankets and warmth
Envisioning a nice, steaming mug of hot cocoa
With vapor rising from the top
Like the breath from your mouth
Eating fresh gingerbread cookies
In front of the roaring fire

Inside without your
Coat, scarf, mittens and hat
Relaxing from the delightful

The author's comments:
Snow is just such a fun, pretty thing that speaks to all children.

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