as i sit here

January 16, 2010
By , new haven, CT
my life is runing before my eyes like a speeding train but as i sit here i think of what fun i had with all my familly they were always there for some reason even threw many bad times but they stop being there after my grandma died as i sit and think how much pain and despare you went threw i hope i can sit here and not cry about what times we had as a familly as i sit here you were the one who made this familly sick together you are the one not any one alse you are the light that shone on our familly what happen to your brightness the ethics of this familly was never that important untill you left you can make this whole world shine with your kindness i cant realt to all the stuff that happen to you but i know you held on untill the end should have let go a long time ago but you were more stronger you were a warrioer thaat could not stop fighting but you got tride so you stoped i did to and did the rest of the familly as i sit here and think you were the one the one who made it right

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