January 15, 2010
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She was entranced. All she could think about were his warm, coruscating brown eyes. He was so beautiful. So perfect. She imagined him holding her in his muscular arms. But no. That could never happen. No, she couldn't possibly ever have even imagined him with her. No, she was stupid to even think about it. He was to beautiful for her. No....


He was entranced. All he could think about was running his fingers through her long, golden blond hair. Look into her greenish blue eyes. She was so beautiful. So perfect. He imagined her running into his arms and pressing her lips to his. But no. That could never happen. She would never date a guy like him. She was too beautiful for him. No....

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Amanda F. said...
Jan. 25, 2010 at 5:43 pm
Sorry, guys! This was meant to be a story! It was my first time posting and I didn't see the part at the top that was asking me if it was a poem, story, etc.
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