Maggie Moo

January 18, 2010
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As Maggie lies asleep on the kitchen floor
I ponder that dreadful day,
Where she was nearly taken away.
A freak accident no one saw coming
A terrible end to a perfect start.
The second week of June,
The third day of exams.

There lay my youngest sister,
Motionless as if she were a statue.
Her yelp yielded to the screeching sound of a sudden stop.
The black pavement stained red.
The sun’s smile faded,
The birds stopped singing,
The wind became silent,
As if the entire world came to a complete halt.
My legs felt weak and my heart heavy.
Hoping that her body would rise, yet praying her soul would not.

Seconds became minutes, minutes became hours.
The tears flowed like rushing river rapids,
A whole family demoralized.
Hours became days, days became weeks.
Unable to hold back the pain,
Breaking down as if nothing mattered anymore.

Five disheartening days later, the body had risen, and the soul stayed.
My best friend, my little sister, my dog.
One eye and two ears less, she was truly a phenomenon.
Maggie moo the Miracle Dog,
A brave fighter and an extraordinary survivor.

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