The Philosophical Snowman

January 15, 2010
By NicoleB GOLD, Co Kildare, Other
NicoleB GOLD, Co Kildare, Other
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"A bored snowman, eh?"
He'd say with a sigh.
The sun was up, bright in the sky.
Frosty was having a terrible day,
No little Lucy, Billy or Jay
To spread their childhood cheer.
"My time is coming now I fear.."

Frosty took some time to reflect,
See if he had any regrets.

"Life is an hourglass
Glued to a table.
A happy snowman is just a fable"
Ah but he'd been happy
Watching the young!
And listening to the
Dear songs they sung.
They built good old Frosty
Out of love
With freezing cold snow
White as a dove.

The kids were home from school,
To the melting snow.
"The moral of the story?
Not even a snowman knows..."

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