I'm Wrong (The Poem of Irony)

January 15, 2010
I’m wrong,
For the capability to love,
For the ability to seek past the desires of the body,
My heart of gold is trash in your eyes.
I’m wrong,
For ever believing in you,
Believing that you could break through your fears of this world with me as your armor.
I’m wrong,
For being real,
For letting you know exactly how I feel.
I’m wrong,
I should've never wanted to get to know you,
I should've had my fun and kept going,
My genuine soul should be punished for caring,
I shall be thrown to the depths of the ocean with a huge weight around my neck for trying to free you from the captivity of yourself,
Your mind traps you from the ability to love,
From the desire to be free,
But Im wrong?

Im wrong because everytime I fall I let love make a fool out of me,
Everytime I fall I attach myself to the sticky tape of your image,
Maybe I should die alone because I'd probably live longer without the risk of love’s rejection,
I'd face less hurt without love,
And I would of've never believed in you,
So I’m sorry,
Because it is wrong to be capable,
I’m wrong.

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