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A fairy tale

January 15, 2010
By Kristina Winski BRONZE, Thiensville, Wisconsin
Kristina Winski BRONZE, Thiensville, Wisconsin
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At the core I believe that
I can follow my dreams
Cause dreams can come true
If you believe in them
Like a fairy tale

Like a baby bird that grows wing’s
Fly’s out of the nest into the sky

Like a flower that grows in the earths crust of grounds dirt
Dances up to reach for the sun to give it a hug

Like the firefly’s of the crescent moon night that dose not give me light
But the firefly’s whisper in my ear too
“Fly and follow my dreams”

Becuase I believe in love,
and since I was little girl a princess in her blue dress
I was told to follow your heart
and if you leave your heart open love will always find its way in

I am the fairy tali
And you are my prince
“Like Romeo and Juliet”
Because my dream came true

I have the man of my dreams
And i may already love him
Sean my love , my prince

When your right beside me,
I feel like this is where I’am suppose to be
Right where your finger’s fit perfectly
Breathe into me
Its like magic so I will prevail for eternity

When I’am with you I can not speak I’am speechless and I don’t know what to say
You get me thinking in a way I can’t explain
And when we sleep,
We sneak in to a fream to live happily ever after

Then will their be another time
When we can walk and greet in the middle of the dacnse floor at a masquerade ball
Our faces covered with no identity, but our eyes
Mine, made of feathers and butterfly’s

As we dancse I get my stomach filled with butterfly’s
And chills up my spin
We dancse
all I
askof you
is to be fragile with me and to never brake me
Even thought you may all ready have,
In this fairy tale dream

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