Wrapping Presents

January 15, 2010
By Elise Hackl SILVER, Buffalo Grove, Illinois
Elise Hackl SILVER, Buffalo Grove, Illinois
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From here I see an open bedroom

Buried between a glass wall.
The scotch tape engraved in the carpet,
Scissors lying flat on a cardboard box.

You barely opened your mouth-
Just to say hello
When opening a bag of pretzels…
And now you sit
Between pieces of wrapping paper
Reaching for the last bow.

The closet stands with open arms,
And shirts play hide and seek.
Hangers poke around tags,
Trying to escape.

I know you’re thinking about your job-
The stapler clasping paper
Lying on a wooden desk.
And driving home
A yellow bolt crashing
Into stone pavement,
Thunder roaring
In a navy sky.
Just now a boy in a baseball cap
Runs past to grab his homework.
I wish you would look at his face-
The beautiful lift of his cheeks, braces shining.

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