From One Grave to the Next

January 14, 2010
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When she died
It was like I died too
I saw it in his eyes
I had become see-through
He forgot I was alive
Never hearing me cry
And still I wonder why
He took his anger out on me
Made these scars on me you see
The day she left
I left his heart
The day she died
So did I

I stare at him
Look him straight in the eye
He looks through me
And I wonder why
He's always in a daze
And no, this is not a phase
I know he loved her
I loved her too
I know he misses her
I miss her too
But why stop loving me
Why stop seeing me

It's strange the way it ended
The way he died
His story ended
As if in a coma since she left
Always emotionally deaf
Only thinking of her
But she was gone and I was here
But still I loved him
Through it all
Though not sure he loved me at all
From one grave to the next
A story ended, and onto the next

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