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From One Grave to the Next

January 14, 2010
By Sarah Buzzelli BRONZE, Melbourne, Florida
Sarah Buzzelli BRONZE, Melbourne, Florida
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When she died
It was like I died too
I saw it in his eyes
I had become see-through
He forgot I was alive
Never hearing me cry
And still I wonder why
He took his anger out on me
Made these scars on me you see
The day she left
I left his heart
The day she died
So did I

I stare at him
Look him straight in the eye
He looks through me
And I wonder why
He's always in a daze
And no, this is not a phase
I know he loved her
I loved her too
I know he misses her
I miss her too
But why stop loving me
Why stop seeing me

It's strange the way it ended
The way he died
His story ended
As if in a coma since she left
Always emotionally deaf
Only thinking of her
But she was gone and I was here
But still I loved him
Through it all
Though not sure he loved me at all
From one grave to the next
A story ended, and onto the next

The author's comments:
I love writing stories, articles, and poetry. This poem is a fictional poem about a girl whose mother has died, and is now neglected by her father. She is narrating her story after her father has died. Its sad, but hopefully thought provoking. Sometimes mourning and sadness makes us neglect those around us.

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