November 2009.

January 14, 2010
Dazed and Amazed
Like A Fire That's Ablaze.
Been Hurt And Burnt
In So Many Ways.
Slowly My Soul Is Dying
Due To All The Deceiving And Lying:
As If Im Being Killed In The Jungle By A Lion.
Savage Is What It Is,
As He Dives His Claws Into My Skin.
Savage Is What It Is,
When You Lie To Me Over And Over Again.
I've Been Befriended By My Friends
Left To Stand Alone In The End.
So I Play The Game By Myself
Since I Have Nothing Else
To Loose. I'm A Fool,
For Trusting In You.
For Trusting In She.
For Trusting In He.
Because At The End Of The Day
YOUR Trust Is The Only Trust You Can Keep !.
Like The Seasons, Friends Show Their True Colors And Begin To Fall.
They Start To Act Cold And Don't Come Around At All.
After The Coldness, Life Is Drenched In Rain,
Until The Sun Comes Out To Clear All The Pain

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