My Drug My Dream My Escape- from Emily to Lacretia

January 14, 2010
I look at your chair
your still there,
but 1:30 isn’t far away.
I try to focus, not to cry,
you cant leave its to hard to say goodbye.
As hard as I try I dont succeed,
I break down and cry, thats just me.
It’s what I do when this part comes,
I wipe the tears but I’m not done.
Eventually the phone rings you’re gone and I have nothing.
I dont have true friends,
I dont have the missing piece,
that had made me complete.
So now the gaping hole inside me forms again.
You were the only one I trusted.
The only one I wanted to cry with.
The only one I needed now more then ever,
to help me with school, Jewel, Jamie, and Trevor.
who will help me now.
I can’t even fight the tears while im writing this.
I’m lucky its not on paper because it would be ruined.
The words would be gone,
but still in my head.
Forever and always
I will never forget,
the little time we had,
the funny things we said,
every fight, every laugh,
the tears that came out in class.
The notes we passed,
the memories made,
whatever happens you’ll be okay.
I made a promise I swear ill keep
I’ll help you out if things get that deep.
I said I’d always be there and I didn’t lie,
and at that moment the tears I cried,
were of being sad, and nervous, and terrified.
I left a puddle on the table, and then my desk.
Wiped my tears on his sweatshirt,
but my face was still wet.
Now thats you’re gone it feels im being stabbed in the heart,
I might as well now because I’m back to the start.
To stupid people, dumb mistakes.
Without you I cant say I’m finally okay.
I thought I was getting better
because you were my escape.
The place I could go just to get away.
Like my drug, like my dream,
my feelings toward you aren’t as they seem.
I dont like you, I love you
and I’m just asking please,
dont leave me when I need a friend.
Bring me with you whatever it takes
to be with my escape,
so I wont cry.
Because the one thing I hate the most that hates me more
is saying good bye.

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Emmalee<3sBunker said...
Feb. 9, 2010 at 8:48 am
um wow so this chick i wrote this about hates me now and says that im in love with her becasue this sounds like a love letter its like um have you aver heard of loving friends AS friends??? ugh shes stupid
emo_lvr_9327 said...
Feb. 2, 2010 at 8:36 am
awwww emily, i remember that day. I miss Cretia so much. This poem is so beautiful. Cretia was your best friend. I'm so sorry. Ily
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