January 14, 2010
I used to think that i would be
alone forever more
but untill i met you.
i know that won't be true

At first I tried to fight away
this feeling that i had
But i can't keep away
in your arms i must stay.

close to you forever,
i'll keep you out of danger,
don't worry my love will never fade into the dark

everytime you touch me,
everytime i kiss you
i can't help but feel a warmth beneth this stone cold heart

when i look at your face
I see you in a strange way
Never have i loved anyone, as i'm loving you.

Sleep my love
I promise you forever.
when you wake i'll be here just like i was, at the start.

I was lost and so afraid
that one day you'd leave me.
But now your hear, oh my dear
i promise you, i won't leave soon

You took my heart almost made it start
how could i let you go?
Dream of me won't you please
say my name gracefully.

I love it when i hear it!
Makes me want to feel it!
how it makes me hurt to think i could ever lose you

But I will keep on watching
never will i be stopping
listening to the rhythm of the Beating in your heart

I can't break into your mind
But you've broke into my heart
I will keep on searching for the truth behind your eyes

and when you fall asleep dear
i will always be hear
cause i know it hurts you when we are so far apart.

So once again my Gentle friend
its time for you to sleep
Do not fear i will be hear,
i will not leave while you sleep

To begin their storie
of how happy they could be

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Eniliuqcaj said...
Jan. 27, 2010 at 3:03 pm
this was beautiful i liked it alot!
check some of my stuff out too i think you would enjoy it
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