January 13, 2010
By Anonymous

“Wipe those eyes Mrs. Anne said”,

But how could I when my brother is dead?

Gloomy she felt with a heart of stone,

For the words she spoke were now postponed.

If anyone had died it should have been me,

Because I’m the one who could not speak.

Judged and hanged for a crime he didn't commit!

I'm the one who should have repent.

My deceit and wretchedness held me back,

For my outward appearance is just an act.

My soul is slowly but surely dying and I did it,

But in the past I just couldn't admit it.

Rotting in anguish is how I feel, for I know

now that I’d rather been killed! Torment and anger is all I know

For my life is moving incredibly slow.

My punishment is more then I could bare!

The Lord knows I’ll never be speared.

Instead of life I choose death,

and that mistake I’ll always regret.

Why o why did this happen to me!?

For the evil that approached me I did not flee.

Now there’s no more worries of the ways of my past,

Because my misery, has killed me at last.

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