With You

January 4, 2010
By denise_2012 BRONZE, Gainesville, Alabama
denise_2012 BRONZE, Gainesville, Alabama
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Sigh....my grief is strong
About that I cannot lie
Sigh...my love is strong
But now I ponder why
Aaaahh...it finally fell
A tear came from my eye
But no one's here to wipe the pain
So it's hell if I cry
Hmph!...I'm so upset
Im using my last nerve
Why is it that I cry
When it's me you don't deserve
Sigh...My heart is stabbed
But I shall slowly learn to deal
Aaaahh...the cut is healing fast
But this cannot be forreal!!
I'm still a prisoner of love
so I'm still in love with you
Sigh...the grief is to much to bear
But I'm glad we're finally through

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