Shining Star

January 3, 2010
By RealLifeLingsta BRONZE, Troy, Michigan
RealLifeLingsta BRONZE, Troy, Michigan
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Starry lights, high above, twinkling in the dark
The lake of night reflects a world, a world so far apart
Icy frost on the window panes gather around the glass
I wonder how it’s possible that my heart can melt so fast

Glittering stars pour from the sky, colors shatter in the air
The night bursts into fireworks, lost in the atmosphere
Flurries of snow and sparks of ice, spiraling all around
And all the while, in quiet sleep, you hardly hear a sound

I wish you’d know the silent nights I spend in thoughts of you
Hours lost forever, as I built a dream untrue
Sometimes I think of letting go, and never looking back
And never moving forward, so there will never be a past

Pretending I don’t feel this way is easier than shame
But when it all comes down to the very end, I’m still the one to blame
Nothing here puts you at fault, you’re simply who you are
I wonder if you know it’s not your fault that you’re my shining star

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