a Sore Heart

January 3, 2010
By BellaM BRONZE, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
BellaM BRONZE, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
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Favorite Quote:
"experience is the Hardest teacher becasue it gives you the test first and the lesson later..."

Whats the problem y r u so tensed
r u thinking about what use to be but now u miss
cant distinguish between dislike and dismiss
u put up this block so u wont have to deal with
trying to hold on to old memories so u let it drift
only to move on further but not knowing ur on the tip
of the iceberg towards depression now heres a lesson
never throw away wat u had cuz its a blessing
even if u couldnt get back wat u put out the affection
you opened up,trusted, gave in to the point he was ur protection
from the pain and hurt so to u u were an obligation
to him, but to him u were someone he loved not in love now here comes the neglection
never thought that yall would fall outta love least expected
but all the hurt and pain he caused u allowed and accepted
because he was all u had at one point so you were forced to be subjected
to all the love,sex,lies,and bulls*** u collected
into ya self but didnt know u were dieing on the nside
couldnt breathe on the nside but smiled on the outside
there were days that went by that u just wanted to die
you had to return to a place u knew all too well and despised
but u had to Woman up f*** it Needs b4 Pride
but do he really means it when he says he love you or is it a lie
do u keep fighting for his heart or let it pass by
ima just let it ride
its funny cuz u stuck with him thru everything but in the end he still remained on her side!

The author's comments:
i just want anyone who is in a relationship to know that if its taking energy from you thats making you depress, weak, and have your emotiions up and down just find the courage in your self to get out of it because if its tearing you down its not for you...

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