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January 3, 2010
By adrienneh0071 BRONZE, Marshfield, Wisconsin
adrienneh0071 BRONZE, Marshfield, Wisconsin
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Red carpet majestically floating before me.
The critiquing stares as brazen as the sea.
For my curves weren’t just right,
And my dress wasn’t oh so very tight.
Shall I diet, I asked myself?
Will I abandon all of my self value and wealth?
I could step to the left, or veer to the right.
Either way, I’d be diminishing into that crowd, and slipping away from my spotlight.
It’s who I am, what I do.
I don’t care if it challenges you.
I’ve chosen my path,
And no, not the one leading to a conformist’s wrath.
I love this spotlight, the admiring stares.
Because I’m a woman, an individual, and exceedingly rare.

The author's comments:
This poem was crafted using Kant and Emerson's ideas of self.

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