My Dearest Maria

January 3, 2010
By Anonymous

My Dearest Maria
You are my best friend,
But I think that our friendship
Is coming to and end

You made a decision
I was proud of you
But this awkward position
Your putting me through

I can tell
Things have changed
And you
Know it too.

I can tell we're no longer, BFF
And now I think only the F is left
Soon I can tell our friendship will end
Soon I will never see you again

All that I ask is to keep to yourself
Is the secret I told you
Only you
No one else

Please don't forget me
Please don't reject me
Please just forgive me
But please don't regret me

You were my best friend,
Through thick and through thin
I thought that our friendship
Would never have an end

My dearest Maria
I'm sad to say
That August the third
Was our last Best Friends day

I miss you Maria,
You filled up my heart
I'm sad your decision
Tore us apart.

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