I am not my mother.

January 2, 2010
By Anonymous

Just cuz I'm different,
Don't mean I'm wrong.
Just cuz my friends ain't prep,
Don't mean we don't belong.

I'm sorry mom that i can't be like you,
Head cheerleader and track star too.

Just cuz my jeans are skinny,
Don't mean I'm on crack.
Maybe my shirts not pink but,
What's wrong with black?

My hair may be different,
Than yours too.
But that's individuality,
Mom we can't all be like you.

So don't try and change,
Who I'm going to be..
Mom, there's nothing wrong with me.

I'm not gonna change,
Just for you.
I won't make myself unhappy,
Or be fake like you.

So mom take a clue,
Everyone's different even from you.
Under the skin real colors shine through.
Just because i show them,
That makes me a bad person too?

You know if there weren't people stuck up like you,
This world would be a more excepting place,
With equality through and through.

I will be who i am,
Like it or not it's up to you.
But don't try to change me,
Mom i am able to love you.

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