Earthquake Within

January 11, 2010
By , Granville, OH
There goes her heart.
Into a broken state..
She’s on the highway to hell..
It’s a result of having everything ripped away.

She feels it.
Day after day.
It’s like a constant earthquake within.
Is this the price she has to pay
For living in sin?

Three O’clock rolls by..
She falls on her knees and cries..
“Bless me Father, for I have sinned..”

The sun shines down
Onto her pretty little face
She was filled with grace..

She goes out and faces the world.
She’s hoping God
Will give back the one thing
He took away.

Midnight strikes.
She’s in bed praying.
She’s screaming.
“Why God?
Why give me something only to take it away?”

It’s morning.
She can’t hear Him today.

Bitter and angry, she says:
“God, you like to tease me..
I finally felt free.
Free from my past..
I finally felt happy..”

“Me, me, me..
Is that all you think about?” He says.

It took a while for those words to soak in.
She began thinking..
“Things are supposed to be this way..”
She got excited, you could say.
“Oh, God. You have other plans for me don’t you?!”

“Big plans”
“Tell me.”
“Patience, child.
One day you will see.”

“When the earthquake within you ends.
My dear, can’t you see?
Your soul is divided.”
Decide who to live for,
And your future will be clear more so…”

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